Creative & marketing services for the print industry.

Open up a world of opportunities

Nutshell Trade Services gives the print industry access to a range of creative & marketing services. The catalyst for this business came from an overwhelming demand from the industry for support with building stronger customer relationships and developing new opportunities to win and grow business.

Customer acquisition
Strategic and tactical marketing support for printers’ business development aspirations, to help you target, attract and win new customers.

Enhanced services
The opportunity for printers to enhance value to customers by additionally offering creative marketing ideas and campaign development.

Brands love it when
suppliers innovate
with new ideas.

Creative & marketing
trade services.

There’s a world of business opportunities open to printers beyond print, ways to add real value to your clients by showing them just how successfully digital and print can be combined. More and more printers are taking their work online and we can help you stay ahead, either by partnering with you to secure campaign led projects from existing customers or supporting you with marketing your print services to new customers.

Marketing campaign
planning and tactics

Creating exciting and innovative campaigns to help printers and their customers target and attract new business.

Creative design
& artwork

Nutshell’s talented team of designers are skilled in bringing marketing messages to life in a way that engages with an audience.

Concepts &

Developing ideas into workable creative concepts to share with new and existing customers.


Nutshell’s always looking for the most innovative ways to get customers noticed and deploy a mix of channels to make this happen.

Marketing technology
& web to print

Our marketing automation platform uses cutting edge software to organise and manage omnichannel campaigns.


Having a website increases your credibility, showcases your brand, products and services, and helps with lead generation.

Your A-Z guide to new
business success

Your complete A-Z of how to structure your approach to reaching out, connecting with new customers, creating opportunities and successfully winning new business.

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Led by people with a passion for print.

Nutshell Trade Services is part of Nutshell Creative Marketing. With decades of experience in design for print, publishing and paper, Nutshell has been around for over 15 years and print has always been part of its story. It has also picked up a few industry awards along the way.

It feels lucky to have worked with some amazing brands over the years and people might ask how? Aren’t most big brands attracted to the bright lights of London agencies? Well, yes, some are but some want something a bit different, something with an edge, something rather special.

And Nutshell has it in spades! It has great designers, great listeners and people ready and willing to get stuck in but its success is down to more than this. It has always valued its suppliers and industry partners as much as its clients, and working together allows all parties to innovate, develop new ideas and opportunities thereby growing business and forging stronger bonds with clients.

Nutshell Trade Services has been created to provide the print industry with access to a great range of creative & marketing services, to enable it to collaborate with like-minded professionals and, together, enjoy greater success.

We would love to
hear from you.

Use the form to contact Nutshell Trade Services or email it directly at hello@nutshellcreative.co.uk. The team can be reached for a friendly chat on 01908 560049


17 London House,
High Street,
Stony Stratford,
MK11 1SY

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