Pushing your business beyond pure print.

We, in the industry, know just how amazing and powerful print can be. How different substrates and finishing techniques can transform an ordinary piece of collateral or packaging into an extraordinary and sensory experience to engage its audience. But marketers and agencies haven’t all seen the light, although they want to given that 80%* claim to want more information on new approaches and innovations.

When Canon conducted a survey of 235 EMEA senior decision makers last year it revealed that 86% of buyers wanted advice on combining print and digital. That’s fantastic, welcome news! You’d be pushing on an open door especially as 75% additionally want their print service provider (PSP) to be more consultative.

But here’s the rub, only 1 in 5 (20%*) of PSPs are said to be consultative.

That’s a lot of potential business to be missing out on. Canon’s findings suggest that one in three interviewees believe they’d benefit from support and guidance from their PSP but when they want constructive advice on integrating print with other channels, it’s colleague they ask not PSPs. This has to change, particularly when 97%* of comms buyers are running campaigns involving a print element.

If ever there was a perfect storm for PSPs and in-house print departments to capitalise on opportunities while, at the same time, raising their perceived value, it is now. Return on investment (ROI) remains buyers’ overriding objective but Canon’s research shows they’re receptive to spending more to improve impact of the campaign if doing so increases returns.

So, how confident do you feel as a business to deliver such advice? To take your rightful place at the ‘creative’ table where campaigns are designed and planned? It’s sad that PSPs don’t appear to be the first port of call to generate ideas, or contribute to strategic development, it’s not as though our industry is short of amazing, creative talent. So, let’s get it out there! Let’s share the proof with them, the case studies, the campaign data of just how effective print can be when used in conjunction with digital.

There’s a world of business opportunities open to you beyond print, ways in which you can add real value to your clients by showing them just how successfully digital and print can be combined. An increasing number of printers are taking their work online. We can help you with that process, either partnering you, or by you outsourcing certain aspects to us such as website design and production. Alternatively, we can show you how to expand your services to offer multi-channel options.

Sir Martin Sorrell described Covid-19 as the ‘burning platform for digital acceleration’ but conversely, it has also contributed to a certain online fatigue. Digital’s omnipresence has become too intrusive on occasions and it’s becoming harder for brands to break through the noise, especially when folk are opting out or switching off. Print remains a trusted and valuable tool that could prove the paper-based superhero in driving traffic back online.

We need to make a strong business case with agencies and marketers for print as part of multi-channel campaigns. We need to be proactive in showcasing print’s ability to differentiate and command attention. And to do that, we need to be at the decision-making table. If that strikes fear into your heart then we can partner and support you at the briefing process. Equally if the idea of missing out on opportunities has lit a fire under your desire to push your business beyond pure print we can enable you to expand your service offerings to include multi-channel expertise.

Talk to us, say hello@nutshellcreative.co.uk, let’s push some boundaries together.

*Source: Insight Report 2020, Creating Customer Value, Canon Europe Ltd

20 July 2021
"We need to be proactive in showcasing print’s ability to differentiate and command attention."

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