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Presentations to win business

The only way marketers will really know more about print capabilities is if the printer is represented at the briefing table. To take your rightful place in the creative process you need to be changing the dynamics of the relationship with your customer and prospects and collaborating more with partners.

We love working with trusted partners, and winning new business together is a great feeling. By joining forces, you can demonstrate more expertise and capability and win more tenders and pitches. We can help you with any aspect from co-presenting to creating engaging presentations, and public speaking coaching.

Making lasting impressions

Delivering memorable presentations is more than just a good Powerpoint! Often it’s the softer elements like good team dynamics and authenticity that clinch the deal in pitches. We’ll help put together a well-structured format as well as provide some handy tips on how to engage an audience.


of pitches are lost because of softer factors over and above harder factors

Bringing concepts to life.

Advances in print finishing mean that life-size and realistic samples can be crafted to strengthen proposals. Our creative skills can be employed to distil ideas and produce professional concepts to present to prospects and existing customers.

Let us bring your visions to life

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