Nutshell Trade Services is always looking for new and effective ways to get customers noticed and deploys a mix of channels to make this happen.

Our MD, Lucy Swanston, sits on councils for industry bodies such as the IPIA and DMA to get a more in-depth view of what’s happening in our sector, from OEM to marketer. This valuable insight helps us to provide credible and effective ideas.

Appetite for change

Some marketers recognise the value of a multichannel approach in connecting with customers across all touchpoints. This presents two opportunities for printers;

  • to ensure print is considered as part of campaigns
  • to extend print services to include digital

We’re here to support printers put plans in place to capitalise on both these fronts.;

Research shows that marketers want a more consultative approach from their print services provider– only 1 in 5 (20%) currently do – so printers need to become more proactive. They need to take their proposition further up the value chain and demonstrate with figures from specialists like JICMAIL and Whistl that print can match digital’s agility and flexibility and why it should be included in the mix.;

Challenge thinking

Pressure is intensifying on marketers to get campaigns to market faster. Digital has increasingly proved the popular solution because it’s seen as more measurable. Print has been perceived as slow, inflexible, expensive and not easily targeted. So, all of us in the print industry need to challenge this thinking as well as take advantage of a growing fatigue and lower responses from digital campaigns. With compelling and evidence-based arguments we can all challenge entrenched thinking.


of consumers say they prefer to connect with brands through multiple channels before purchasing

World influence.

Climate change will increasingly affect how businesses operate and its impact will be felt across all aspects of marketing, from sustainability of packaging to the devices and systems people and businesses use to stay connected. Likewise, the Covid pandemic altered the way people engage with brands; working from home, for example, significantly increased interaction with print, particularly Direct Mail.

We love innovating and we’d love to see what we could do for both you, and your clients.

We deploy a mix of effective ways to get customers noticed

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