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Marketing campaign planning and implementation.

The scope for print is out there, including multichannel marketing campaigns. Digital may seem to be encountered everywhere but there’s a growing fatigue around it, whereas we are seeing a resurgence in the printed piece. It’s more trusted and it carries more weight. And while we in the industry know this, not all marketers are aware of print’s potential as part of the channel mix. It’s up to us, therefore, as agencies, printers, indeed our whole supply chain, to work closer together to demonstrate print’s capabilities and dispel any outdated misconceptions.


of marketers want their print service provider (PSP) to be more consultative.

Refining strategies

Our approach is to get to know you first, to better understand your business, your market proposition and your short and long term goals. This helps us shape your marketing plan and draw up a clear blueprint of step-by-step activities designed to help you get to where you want to be.

We can provide customer profiling, which is a great way of really getting to grips with who your ideal customer is. In addition, we can produce briefing packs for sales teams so that they can get behind the campaigns and follow through. We can also offer an experienced telemarketing partner to help generate leads and get those all-important first meetings in the diary.

Building sustainable businesses

If the impact of digital and global events like Covid has taught our industry anything, it’s the need to keep evolving and pushing forward. At Nutshell Trade Services, we have always believed in sticking to the tried and tested when it comes to business development and managing brand; diagnosis – strategy – tactics – diagnosis. Repeat.

Look at the market, competitors, customer behaviour and where the value is.

Decide who to go after, when to do it and how best to reach out.

Agree creative and message, determine which channels to use, monitor what’s working and what’s not and adjust accordingly.



of marketers outsource their print needs to a specialist PSP

Changing the narrative.

Marketers are under increasing pressure to show return on investment (ROI). They perceive digital metrics as easier and cheaper to produce whereas they see print as harder to quantify. This, among other misconceptions about print, needs to change and our industry is best placed to guide and inform buyers and prove just what print is capable of. We can help you communicate print’s effectiveness, its speed and flexibility, as well as its amazing personalisation capabilities.

If your team, or any of your clients, need marketing direction and support, talk to us now.

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