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The scope for print is out there, including multichannel marketing campaigns. Digital may seem to be encountered everywhere but there’s a growing fatigue around it, whereas we are seeing a resurgence in the printed piece. It’s more trusted and it carries more weight. And while we in the industry know this, not all marketers are aware of print’s potential as part of the channel mix. It’s up to us, therefore, as agencies, printers, indeed our whole supply chain, to work closer together to demonstrate print’s capabilities and dispel any outdated misconceptions.


increase in ROI using five platforms rather than using two

The reality is, at least when it comes to channels, more is very much more

Mark Ritson

Creating and managing multichannel campaigns

No one channel is more important than another in promoting products or services and the more marketers can add to the mix, the more effective their campaign will be. We’ve invested heavily in marketing automation to join up individual channel efforts, automate tasks and maximise customer engagement and ROI. That investment could be helping develop multichannel, integrated campaigns for both you and your customers.

Web to print & marketing portals.

Having a 360° view of marketing assets is not always easy in an organisation. Marketing portals offer a central storage facility for digital assets to be accessed by dispersed teams. We can develop portals for you and can assist with promoting them to your customers.

Web to print, or remote publishing, can help future-proof a printer’s business by taking more transactions online, with organisations and consumers ordering print directly from pre-approved templates. It’s perfect for remote workers/volunteers/marketing teams/end customers to order anything from stationery and posters to event invites and door drops. It saves time and money and, for businesses, reinforces brand consistency across all communications.

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